The Secret of Radiant Glowing Skin


Introducing VC GLOW Modern Therapy @  

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VC Glow Modern Therapy instantly restore your glowing skin appearance using Intravenous (IV) Grade Vitamin C

Neutralizes free radicals 中合自由基
Lightens pigments 淡化斑纹
Even out skin tone 均匀肤色
Provide luminosity to the skin 提亮肌肤
No Downtime and no side effects 无需休养期、无副作用
Instant visible results 效果明显可见
Comfortable and relaxing treatment 舒服、安全又有效


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LUSH’s Vitamin C belongs to medical grade, intravenous (IV) grade. It is pure where it will effectively lightens pigments, even out skin tone color, and even provide luminosity to the skin.

LUSH的维生素C属于医学级,也可称为静脉(IV) 级。 它可有效地淡化色素,甚至肤色,甚至为皮肤提供光泽。

It is a very effective anti-oxidant that neutralizes free radicals – the unstable molecules that age the skin as a result of pollution, smoking and exposure to the sun. It inhibits melanin, stimulates growth of the hydro-lipid film and enhances collagen synthesis, an important skin protein that strengthens the structural support and elasticity of the skin. Vitamin C Revitalizing & Anti-Oxidant Solution is used mainly to treat and prevent photo aging, uneven complexions and for helping the skin to fight wrinkles.

LUSH的维生素C是一种非常有效的抗氧化剂,能够中和自由基 – 这种不稳定的分子会因污染,吸烟和暴露在阳光下而使皮肤老化。 它可以抑制黑色素,刺激水脂膜的生长,促进胶原蛋白的合成,这是一种重要的皮肤蛋白质,可以增强皮肤的结构支撑和弹性。 维生素C活肤和抗氧化溶液主要用于治疗和预防光老化,肤色不均匀和帮助皮肤对抗皱纹。

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